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MacDonald delivery in Guangzhou

Posted by summerclouds (2744 days ago)

Hi I have just moved to Fu Li Tao Yuan (Peach Gardens).

Anyone knows the number of food delivery for the nearest macdonald or any other fast food kfc etc?


#1 Posted by lostinasianlife (2743 days ago)

Oh food delivered can only spell disaster. I recommend getting a bike and riding to your nearest grocery store to buy some fresh and healthy food.

#2 Posted by Ruth at Clifford (2742 days ago)

Fast food is meant to be eaten right away. It is incredibly soggy and gross more than 15 minutes later.

You will probably have trouble trying to explain what you want to any staff you call.

Pizza Hut does deliver in China. Gail's restaurant does too, and Gail speaks very good English.

I don't know where your place is. Can you explain?

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