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Best spa and massage in Guangzhou?

Posted by sumitsethia (2489 days ago)

i am looking for a massage spa where i can rest overnight too . Please suggest which are the good places to go .

#1 Posted by midi999 (2489 days ago)

Lujing Dong Yue Hotel or around

#2 Posted by robertzeng (2476 days ago)

You can go to Long An club on Zhong Shan Da Dao,where you can stay overnight after a massage.

#3 Posted by lost in gz (2468 days ago)

what is the cost of the massage and the overnight stay?

#4 Posted by sjdofiow2 (2390 days ago)

Google it, or try to find it on


#5 Posted by SZEU (2379 days ago)

check this :

#6 Posted by Fang Ghoul (1123 days ago)

Best Chinese massage EVER-- in Tianhe.
Sorry, I just got out and I had to post. I am a frequent visitor to Guangzhou, speak putonghua, and often get Chinese style massages, but this is the best massage I've ever had in my life. Address is Tianhe District, Longkou zhong Road, No. 75. Not easy to find, and they do not speak English, and this is a therapeutic Chinese massage that caters to a local Guangzhou clientele. 30 RMB/30 minutes, 60 RMB/60 minutes, etc. Yes, you can purchase a card that gives you one hour for 50 RMB. Sign outside says "blind massage" in Chinese; but if you can't speak Chinese, try it anyway and see what you think.
To get there, Tianhe North Road, to about Longkou Xilu-- Look for the Vanguard, KFC, Zhen Gongfu. ACROSS THE STREET from the KFC (which is on the corner of the that features the Vanguard-- this is one block east of Longkou West Road (Longkou Xilu), there is an alley. One side has (in Jan. 2012) a construction site, and some huge complex is being built. Walk fearless down this alley, and you will see some stairs, a ramp. Walk up those old cement stairs (a small concession on your left), and when you emerge onto the street (Longkou Zhonglu), sort of turn left. There is a toll gate for a tiny parking lot of some sort, entrance to a restaurant-- behind that is a tiny blind massage place.
Goddess's name is Ai Ping, she is from Yunnan-- I signed up for one hour, stayed for 90 minutes, she told me everything that was wrong with me, my neck, my posture; yelled at me for wearing a thin coat, told me to drink more pu'er tea-- I'm going back tomorrow.
Phone number s (020) 38839303, she is #8-- Ai Ping. Best massage I've ever had, I might relocate here as a result, it was that good!
(From Longkou Zhong Lu, pass the big building with the plaza on your right, keep walking to almost the second block-- looking for the alley just after the toll gate. Almost across from a beauty parlour with a huge LED sign outside). Need to go into the alley, it's the second door-- the first looks like restaurant).

#7 Posted by gzhunk (1089 days ago)

the best, biggest & most popular Spa in Guangzhou is South America Grand Hotel (OSOTTO) in Haizhu district on Binjiang Xi Lu. I have take several of my friends & customers there and all of them are amazed by the quality of servce, facilities and food.

On week days the charges for 24 hours stay with food and sauna is RMB 198 including taxes and on weekend & holidays its RMB 220. They have lavising full course mouth water buffet and excellent sleeping facilities for few thousand people. Also they inhouse movie theatre, table tennis room, billiards & snooker room, kids play area, video games, saloon, chess & cards rooms, private sleeping rooms etc. There they also offer various types of A quality massages. My favourite is badge no. 085. Massage cost is extra.

Since the place is very popular with Chinese and hence its often gets full on weekends & holidays by 6 PM.

To go there.....take a Taxi and tell them you want to go to BinJiang Xi Lu, Nanmei. Almost all taxi know this place as it very popular.

#8 Posted by kathyklchan (1075 days ago)

I tried the Ritz Beauty & Spa in Zhu Jiang New Town, No: 8 Xing Sheng Road Shop 109, it is near the Ritz Hotel. Fantastic body and foot massage and they speak English too. I love their friendliness and the body massage is about Rmb 200 but you cannot stay overnight but great place for relaxation. Their phone number is 3801-9907 if you get lost.

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