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Posted by Fruity (3450 days ago)


I know this may be a strange request, but I was wondering if there were any adult shops in GZ, I've been here quite a while and I've never heard of any.

The reason I am asking is to acquire a book on Tantric sex and sexual meditation as unfortunately the one's I had were taken from my luggage.

As you may have guessed there are none in the bookshops or libraries that I'm aware of, so any help to obtain these books would be most appreciated.


#1 Posted by tomace (3450 days ago)

I have seen some adult shops in GZ. Small shops with lots of toys. In Shenzhen I even saw an Adult Supermarket, quite big. Sorry, but I don't remember at all were these are!!
However, I don't think they will have the book your are looking for and less in English language. Better post this thread in the Practical of HK or try to google it out.

#2 Posted by lost in gz (3374 days ago)


there are adult shops in gz. seems kinda wierd that a communist city, with so much censorship and puritanical attitudes, to find a dirty book shop here.

if u r really hard up (no pun intended) for the address...there is one in DONGPU

#3 Posted by new30580 (3224 days ago)

There are shops in Shenzhens...Sex shops

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