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Posted by CanuckinChina (3006 days ago)

Can't figure out from the website any information. Does anyone know when the GZ Metro line will be completed in Panyu?

#1 Posted by gzStone (3006 days ago)

It will supposedly be completed by the end of this year. I can't wait. It will cut my commute time in half. :)

#2 Posted by Lingnan Fan (2901 days ago)

The Panyu line opened around the first of 2007. The end station, Panyu Square is really in a new section of town to the south, surrounded by new city hall, hotels and new highrises. Big market in the square selling items of all types to go in the new apts. Older section of town better accessed by the stop before, Shiqiao. Takes a while to get out to Panyu, and always seems to be crowded, but there is some interesting sightseeing there (Lianhua Shan, YuYin Shanfang, both northeast, and large Baomo Yuan southwest.)

#3 Posted by firsttimeposter (2900 days ago)

Lingnan Fan, could you tell me a little about YuYin Shanfang and Baomo Yuan? It occurs to me that, what with the new metro station, I should go take a look out Panyu way, since I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs during the holiday. (I've already been to Lian Hua Shan.)

#4 Posted by Ruth at Clifford (2898 days ago)

Bao Mo is a lovely garden southeast of Shiqiao.

#5 Posted by klimperkiste (2897 days ago)

Ruth is right, but donīt go there this week: itīs a lovely crowded garden in the moment.

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