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girlfriends visit in a hotel

Posted by ezsam (2960 days ago)

how easy it is to sneak a local gril friend into a hotel room in guangzhou? probably some hotels are more strict then others? any opinion on holiday inn city center, garden hotel, asia international, other ecommendations?

#1 Posted by Hippy (2953 days ago)

It,s no problem taking your GF to your room.I have taken many girls to my room when I stayed in the garden hotel and holiday inn.So long as they go in with you I dont think there will be any problem.

#2 Posted by Irishman (2949 days ago)

Not in the Bai Yun hotel I had a friend who tried to bring a girl back to his room only to have the young lady guarding her floor banging on his door.The Law in China I believe is that everyone staying in a hotel must furnish proof of identity.....I am sure if you check in together then there is no problem....

#3 Posted by Hippy (2942 days ago)

If you pick up one of the girls on the bridge beside the Baiyun hotel it is quite likely that the security guards in the local hotels have seen them before with many different guys and not let them in.If you want to take a girl in pick one up away from the Baiyun hotel area.I have done this in the past and had no problems.Be careful of your personal belongings though

#4 Posted by lostgypsy (2924 days ago)

In 2002, a large number os civil laws were either rewritten or created, many of them protecting the rights of women, who have been long neglected. At that time I was dating/living with a Chinese business woman and she brought home a copy of this book that her company had distributed to all its employees.

She was very excited because she began pointing out all the great new laws liberating women. One in particular involved divorce--before hand a woman had to get permission from the neighborhood councilor, their employeer and also get a written and signed statement supporting their petition from their parents! No wonder divorce was so uncommon before hand. Guess what? It went through the roof within six months of publication.

Why I am mentioning this is; some of those laws also applied to outdated laws that governed FORIEGNERS and UNMARRIED couples, mixed or not. And one in particular applied to couples staying in a hotel room together that were unmarried.

The whole deal is; the hotels beforehand could charge extra money on the basis that it was illegal to cohabitate in a hotel room if the two people were not married. Not now! And we put it to the test more than once (she was a fighter, I will give her that much!).

One time in particular in Guangzhou at a Chinese Hotel (I think it was the Ocean Hotel about a block East of the Garden Hotel) we went to check in. When they brought up the "let us see your marriage cert." we said, "No, not married". Then they tried to pull the "Must be married, otherwise she will need a seperate room". She pulled the book out of her bag and began (In Engish mind you) to point out the very laws that regarded this situation. The desk clerk became noticably nervous, and looked at another desk clerk, then called someone on the phone quietly and mumbled in Chinese. Then they put the phone down, without looking up, and said "Sorry to trouble you. You're correct." And then we got the ONE room and all was well.

What I am saying is, wave the damn lawbook under their noses once and awhile. I would bet a small percentage of the Chinese (Or maybe large) don't know about the new laws, or if they do, they are afraid to step out and "go with it" for fear of failure.

Oh, and incidentally, the Ocean Hotel is a PLA hotel, like so many of them (Biayun is the most notorious PLA hotel in the city--THAT'S why someone earlier mentioned the problem there) and you wave a book on LAW in front of a manager of a gov't owned/ran hotel????

God I love China!


#5 Posted by douglaskoh (2924 days ago)

All along it is not illegal. It is a misinterpretation of the term illegal cohabitation. Cohabitation is not illegal. Illegal cohabitation simple means cohabitation, not legally married.

#6 Posted by gdbill (2923 days ago)

Not true.

To this day there are perfectly valid regulations in effect that ALL guests must register. Nobody cares who you are sleeping with as long as that person also presents identification and registers before they enter the room to sleep with you.

Just because in one or another hotel the hotel staff fail to enforce this regulation or they don't recognize, with hundreds of guests, whether the lady on your arm has, in fact, registered doesn't mean the law has changed.

In short, if they want to stop an unregistered person from entering your room or the police decide to enter your room because you have an unregistered guest inside, there is nothing you can do about it, period.

#7 Posted by Hippy (2921 days ago)

Dont know how it can be so difficult for some people.I just took a girl into the Baiyun hotel earlier this week.As long as there is no fuss it is not a problem.Nobody will even look at you twice.If there is a conflict between girls in the area then be a bit careful but as I said earlier always better to pick up your girls in a different district.

#8 Posted by gdbill (2921 days ago)

If you are nonchalant and it appears that you two are a couple, you won't call attention to yourselves and can avoid problems. But if you are bit unlucky, we'll see you paraded on TV. ;)

#9 Posted by Hippy (2908 days ago)

How did you get on getting your G/F into the hotel.I stayed at the Baiyun hotellast week and had different girls in each night and nobody said anything.Think I got a few dirty looks from the staff at reception as each time the seen me I had a different chicken.Only looks nobody said anything.

#10 Posted by Scutdog1 (2908 days ago)

Chicken??? Using that slang term, I am assuming that you are a native Chinese speaker.
I guess it may be different if you are ethnically Chinese vs Caucasion.

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